The Sustainable Bay Area Network is a casual association of “sustainable” community organizations around the San Francisco Bay Area – a network of organizations that share a name and a common purpose.

“Sustainable community” organizations are communities of citizens, educators, innovators, and organizations designing and building pathways to ecologically sustainable, economically vibrant, and socially just communities for all. Collectively, organizations under the “Sustainable” brand represent an important stakeholder constituency in regional conversations about climate action, sea level rise, impact mitigation, etc.

In addition, organizations serving in a similar role (e.g. Daily Acts) are included in the network as are several city and county Sustainability departments where no non-profit “sustainable” organization exists. Complementary organizations that would like to attend SBAN gatherings are encouraged to contact us.

Network Gatherings
Network Gatherings and held annually, typically in May each year. See the Gathering link above.

The Network’s website, content, list of organizations and map are maintained as a collaborative effort. Submissions of stories, articles, links, images, photos, comments and suggestions are welcome.

One Planet Living
The organizations that make up the Sustainable Bay Area Network are playing valuable roles in the effort to engage and educate the public, develop and implement practical local solutions, and promote public policy changes based on the One Planet Living principles.


Organizational Development Partner
The Sustainable Bay Area Network is an organizational development project of The Praxis Group. Praxis provides free web hosting and data management services and works with the host organizations to plan and host the annual Gatherings. The “” domain name is owned by Praxis. (e.g. in is owned by Westwind Associates. This domain is being used temporarily.